Liberty vs Sharia

The 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest:

Liberty vs Sharia 2010, ltr4p,  (8-1/2  x 11)  Liberty vs Sharia, (11 x 17)

Compare the US Constitution on Liberty and Islamic Sharia Law on Liberty. The Light and the Darkness, and the Darkness is creeping toward us, extinguishing Liberty’s Light in its path.

Sharia rejects freedom, embraces discrimination, condones misogyny, promotes subjugation and is eternally in conflict with infidels, with you and me. Muslims fair little better under this barbaric, dogmatic form of totalitarianism. No amount of political correctness, muticulturalism or moral equivalence will actually improve Sharia – it must be rejected outright.

Consider the 1400 year history islamification of  Egypt, North Africa, Central and SE Asia and the current assault on nations across the globe including France, Kenya, the UK and US. Consider the murder of Jews, Christians, Hindus and both Muslims and non-Muslims by the followers of Islam as a dark and ominous glimpse into the future. We must take a stand to end the creeping annihilation of liberty and culture; to stop this islamic conquest. To not stand up is moral cowardice.


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